Thursday, January 2, 2014

oh what fun.....

2013 has left the building but I can't move forward with my blog until I reflect on our Christmas celebrations.  This holiday season was definitely different without my dad (and quieter!) but the show must go on and we certainly had plenty of things to celebrate. 

 Scott's Grandpa Bill went into the hospital a week or so before Christmas and things didn't look so good, but he pulled through and is currently resting in a nursing home and making great progress! 
Tim, Scott, Gpa, Josh, and Duane...lots of Smallie Men! 7am Christmas Eve morning
 After visiting his gpa, Scott picked the boys up and spent a few hours with the Harnextiaux and Parkinson families preparing meals and delivering them to the less fortunate in our area.  It was a nice way for them to step back from the gift getting and give to those who actually need it. Cate and I stayed home and cooked the turkey to take to Grammy's for lunch.

We celebrated with Scott's parents at their house Christmas afternoon.  Cousins Reece and Maddox came over and Uncle Josh and Lauren drove in from Memphis. 

Christmas Eve is always spent at my parents house with my mom making sausage.  It was delish and I thoroughly enjoyed sitting around with my family and talking for hours.  Trevor made an appearance after one of their many family gatherings and he was wound up!

This boy loves to wrestle :)

Once the online Santa tracker showed he had made his way into North America, Cate was ready to go home and get to bed!  The boys went to 11pm church with my mom and sister.
Spreading reindeer food on the front lawn!

Christmas morning the kids were up early and excited to see what was left for them. 
Cate loved these glasses :)

Next stop...back to my mom's for breakfast and gifts. 

 The kids were spoiled as always and breakfast was almost as amazing as last year (and all years prior).  We missed my dad and Jon's cooking skills!
We spent Christmas afternoon at Scott's grandma's house with his family.  I was suffering with a screaming headache and really just wanted to go to bed!  However, one year Scott was sick and missed Christmas Eve and I have never let him live it down so there will be no missing holiday celebrations for me.  Ever. 

Josh and Scott are crazy.  Josh more so than Scott.  He came dressed in full Elf attire.  As soon as I held my camera up, they both did this.  Why?  Who knows.

Our last stop on Christmas was dinner at my sisters house.  Yes, my sister had a party at her house.  Christmas miracle if there ever was one.  I don't think she's hosted a meal at her house in over 13 years.  She had a great turn out and the food was super good.  I planned to just pop in and leave my kids(!) because of my migraine (Scott was at hospital visiting his gpa), but I started talking to Precious Mother II and Michelle and stayed til 9:30!  Great job Kathy!  We'll expect more of this in the future :)
MauMau, aka Gigi, with a few of her favorites!
As always, Christmas went by way too fast and we're still dazed and confused from the whirlwind named December.  I have already started my "what I'll do differently next Christmas" would think after 16 years, I'd have it under control, but that couldn't be further from the truth.  Here's hoping 2014 is the year I finally get it all figured out!

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