Sunday, January 5, 2014

Lake Trip Numero Uno 2014

We planned our first lake trip of the year on the brink of the biggest snow storm since the early 80's.  Oops.  The weather was really mild while we were there but we decided to make a grown up decision and come home early to avoid death.  It was the right thing to do.  Anyway, we still enjoyed ourselves immensely and were able to cram a whole lot of fun into the short time we were there...swimming, shopping, food, and the movies. Can't wait to go back next month!!!

The kids were definitely prepared to keep themselves warm in case of emergency!

Had to take a damn picture of the damn dam.  It is impossible for Scott Smallie to act like a mature adult when we cross the bridge.

Uncle Mike bought a new tv for the lower level and the picture on it is crazy unbelievable.  I felt like I needed to wear a wet suit and air tank while watching Finding Nemo. 

Quality time.

destroying the peace and quiet :)

ahhh, that's better

No fishing this weekend, but soon!

I love the first floor
So pretty :)
 Good thing we decided to leave early because once the storm started, it dumped 12 inches of snow on us!  I have heard horror stories of normal 2.5 hour drives taking more than 8 hours.  No thank you!
 Ironically, we have spent a good part of the day digging out swimsuits and shorts...NINE days til Disneyworld!!!! 

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