Friday, January 31, 2014

Disneyworld 2014

Three days after the kids 23 day Christmas break, we pulled them back out of school and headed to DISNEYWORLD.  WOO HOO!!!  This was our third time taking the trip for soccer and the first time that Brady would be playing.  We flew out Wednesday night...along with a zillion other soccer families. None of Brady's teammates were on our flight but we knew most of the soccer kids through our soccer club and schools.  Everybody was super excited and ready for a great long weekend! 
ready to fly
Thankful for airport charging strips. Disney needs to take note!

This was not the quietest row on the plane.  Not that I would know, because I had my headphones on ;)  Lots of games were played and stories read.

Real men carry pink backpacks

When we were in the hotel cafeteria/gift shop Thursday morning, the manager chose Cate to dress Duffy the Bear.  Each day, one kid gets to choose his outfit and they display him all day with a certificate that tells who dressed him.  Duffy is the newest Disney'll hear more on him in the next post :)

Magic Kingdom, are you ready for us?!

Disneyworld isn't the most magical place on earth for a 16 year old but he rallied through for us

In the new section of Magic Kingdom, there is a Belle's story time show (cute but not worth a long wait!).  Fran was chosen to play a character...they asked for someone loud and we pushed her to the front of our group...ha! 

I have not laughed this hard in a very long time.  Bennett was the worst driver I have ever had to sit next to and I literally screamed the entire ride.  He ran into the car in front of us (Brady and Elaine) several times and I am still suffering from whiplash. 

At the Monster's Inc show (which is hilarious), Scott and Bennett were chosen from the crowd to answer questions and they had to stand up and dance in front of everyone.  It was so funny.  Bennett really got into it and busted some vicious moves for the audience :)

We had great seats for the afternoon parade/dance party.  Cate and Minnie Mouse shared a magical moment.  The big guy from the Incredibles jumped off his float, grabbed Cate and asked her to dance but she refused...saying she would only dance with Mickey or Minnie!
Unfortunately, this is where my pictures end.  My phone died around lunchtime.  Imagine that.  And apparently there are no outlets in Magic Kingdom.  I looked.  And looked.  I did take lots of pictures with Scott's phone but for some reason they won't transfer to the computer.  I'll continue to try and figure that out.  Anyhoo...we stayed and played all day and night.  13.5 hours to be exact.  The fireworks were fantastic and we were all EXHAUSTED when we finally boarded the bus back to our hotel.  Barely enough time to sleep before our Friday adventures...EPCOT!

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