Sunday, September 1, 2013

First Day of School....

Isn't it crazy that just a few months ago we COULD NOT wait for summer vacation and then next thing you know, we COULD NOT wait for school to start??  Well, maybe not everyone felt that way, I but did :)   
 So....this is THE year.  Cate Smallie has started kindergarten.  Two nights before the first day, all of the schools in the district  hosted a "Meet the Teacher" night.  Do the math...I have four kids in three different schools and a husband that teaches in a fourth school----->I can't be in three places at one time.  Why would they schedule all schools for the same night, same times???  Anyway, my mom went with Bennett to Grigsby and I headed to Worthen with Cate and Brady.  Cate was super excited to see her classroom, meet her teacher, and hang out with her new classmates. 

Poor Reid has put up with Cate for two years in preschool and then landed at the desk right across from her in kindergarten...doesn't he look thrilled?!  Get used to it buddy, your mom and I are already planning your wedding! (think lots of bling!!) 
Brady's teacher is new to Worthen, but is in her 20th-ish year of teaching and she is awesome!  I've heard nothing but great things about her and she did not disappoint.  She does not have any children of her own and it's very obvious where she spends her money...she handed out treat bags on the first day with cash in them.  Brady was sold!
This year Bennett FINALLY gets to be in a school without any siblings and he couldn't be more thrilled!  His teacher has team-taught with Scott the past 6 years so we are all very comfortable with her and so far he is having a great time.  However, Scott is sad that Mrs. T moved to Grigsby and no longer brings him daily QT diet cokes :) 

Carter is a junior and still LOVES school...except for the waking up early...and going to class...and homework.  So basically he really hates school, but he does love playing highschool soccer and baseball, and socializing :)  And he made the VARSITY soccer team this year...WOOT WOOT!  I always said I couldn't wait for him to get his license and I still totally feel that way.  He has helped with Brady's soccer practices, running errands, and he always calls to see if I need a soda :)

So, the first morning was pretty easy.  Cate did wake up crying that she didn't want to go, but it took me about two minutes to get her excited about it.  On the first day we are able to walk the kids to their classrooms and she was fine when I left.  Bennett's school starts 30 minutes later, so once I got back home, I drove him to his school.  I am so very thankful that we live only one mile from Ben's school, 1.6 miles from Carter and Scott's school and 100 yards from Brady and Cate's school (I can literally see and hear them playing on the playground at recess).  Their start/end times are staggered enough that I can take and pick everyone up without having to rush around or make them wait. 

After school, Cate was talking a mile-a-minute telling me about her day.  We walked over to WeatherVane for ice cream so I could stay true to an earlier bribe :) before we picked Ben up.

Day 1 was a success for everyone!
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