Saturday, September 7, 2013

we're making progress...

Cate's first two days of kindergarten were great.  No tears, no complaints, and she had a great time.  Then the weekend happened and Monday was a different story.  She was a little teary when I walked her to her classroom and then at 1:00 I received a call from her teacher's asst. saying that Cate had been crying most of the day.  I realize this would have made most mothers very anxious, however, I am just coming off 16 years of having kids home every day~all day and my response was "I don't have to come get her, do I?" Thankfully her answer was no, and that that would only encourage Cate to cry every day.  So, when we got home and she asked about school on Tuesday, I told her that I would pick her up for lunch and she could come home and chill out for an hour...but only, if she did not cry about having to go back after lunch.  A deal was made.  It seemed like her biggest issue with school was recess.  There are "too many rules on the playground" and "not enough shade" and sometimes "I get sweaty".  Three things Miz Cate despises :)  So, for seven days, I picked her up for lunch and things got much better.  On Wednesday, I told her if she stayed at school all day for the rest of the week, we would take her to Build-A-Bear workshop for a new stuffed animal.  Don't judge me people, it was getting hard to work my "me" time around that 60 minute lunch.  And as with the other Smallie children, it worked.  I guess it's hard to finally realize the world does not revolve around you.  Poor Catie Bug.  Although when I asked her if she ever used the school bathroom, she said "yes, but I go before or after my class so I have the whole bathroom to myself because I hate waiting in line."  Some things never change

Brady is such a trooper...Cate insists they color coordinate everyday.  And he drops into her classroom a few times each day to check up on her and make sure she's doing ok.  He's the best big brother ever.

Other than a little separation anxiety, Cate is loving school. Her teacher is absolutely fabulous and she knows almost all of her classmates from soccer or the pool.  We go over her wall words every night before bed and we're half way done with her 100 book reading goal (due in April). And if anyone has any questions about what goes on in her class during the day, just ask her. She gives us a very detailed run-down of the days events and who was doing what.   
Thursday night was the first skating party of the school year and Cate was so excited.  Sure she's been going for years with Brady and Ben, but this time she was legit!! She even threw out her 3-wheeled princess skates and insisted on wearing Brady's real Rollerblades. I didn't think she stood a chance on them, but of course she proved me wrong and skated non-stop for 90 minutes.  (Brady chose to stay at Carter's soccer game and skip the party)
Neon themed party!  Sister was glowing!
Cate and Ryan

Reid and Cate.  Candi has chosen these as their wedding colors :)  (and btw, Reid didn't have his skates on in this picture, which is why Cate looks like a giant!  His mean mother made them leave early)
Cate LOVES hanging out with older girls.  Thankfully, she has some pretty awesome role models that are so very sweet with her.  Quinn and Whitney rock!! (unfortunately, they've moved on to Grigsby, but we're so glad they showed up to the skating party with their siblings!)

See how fast they're going...can barely see them :)

 So, that's the break down of the first few weeks of school.  A little rocky at first, but we're working it out and things are looking up.  Funny how now that I have all four kids in school, I dread the weekends!  And the thought of holiday breaks makes me a little sick to my stomach :)  Hooray for Mon-Fri!
And I need to give a shout out to Worthen Elementary school.  Everyone has been so kind and caring with Cate these last few weeks... I love knowing that all of the teachers are looking out for her.  And I'm also very thankful that they've let me bend the rules and walk her to her class every morning and even after lunch on the days I picked her up.  Well, technically, no one has "let" me walk her to class, but no one has said anything to me about it either, so I'm assuming they're just ignoring it :) Regardless, it's made it much easier on Cate! I love our school!

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