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8-5-97.  A day I don't really remember all that well :)  Something about a c-section, a screaming baby boy, and lots of visitors.  I realize now that I was way too young to be nervous or freaked out...good thing I didn't know what I was in for or I probably would have left him in the nursery.  Who would have thought that having my abdomen ripped open, a 6lb baby yanked out, and then being stapled back up would be the easiest day with this child.  *sigh*  But anyway, on 8-5-2013,

He started his drivers training a very long time ago :)

  I realize that wasn't a very sweet and sappy opening paragraph, but at this very moment (and lots of moments lately) I feel like I could throat punch him so that's as sweet as it's gonna get :)
Visiting Uncle Kenny at work.  Funny how he is still visiting him at work...only now it's not so cute.  Eh.

Sixteen.  Wow.  Everyone's favorite birthday, right?  It was mine!!  Carter opted out of a birthday party, which kinda bummed me out, but after catching a few episodes of MTV's "My Sweet 16", I was pretty relieved that he just wanted to celebrate with family.  Besides, probably more than half of his guest list are on my "you aren't allowed to hang out with those losers" list so it would just end up in more potential throat punches.  Teenagers are F.U.N.  We sent Carter to driving school through an independent  school so he would finish the classes and be eligible for his license on his birthday.  Of course, his birthday was on a Monday so he had to wait until the drivers bureau opened on Tuesday to take his final test.  And then because karma tends to be on mama's side, we couldn't find his original social security card and he had to wait a week for a new one to be mailed to us.  Dear Karma, thank you for recognizing that Carter's bad decisions needed to be punished in a big way.  What better way than having to wait seven agonizing days to drive?!  Thank you for being on my side and teaching him a life lesson without me being the bad guy.  Love, Me. On the second day of school, we finally had all of the paperwork and he was ready for the driving test.  He has PE first hour so while I took B, B, & C, to school, my mom took him to the drivers bureau.  One quick drive later and he was legal!  Shout out to my mom for not only taking him to the test, but also for calling me with updates and photographing his big moment!! 

Now when you see him driving, it will be legal!!
And now....he is never home.  Thanks to his phones GPS, I can log on and watch his little dot move all over town :)  Thank you Jesus for letting me be a teenager before cell phones and parental GPS. Amen.  I realize it seems pretty ridiculous that I follow him via an iPhone app, but unfortunately his decision making sucks so...well, that's all.  No other explanation needed. 

Being 16 is exhausting. 
We haven't bought him a car yet, so he and Scott are sharing the truck.  And by sharing I mean Carter drives the truck and Scott rides his bike.  For real.  Scott takes them both to school in the morning (Scott's school building is next to Carter's) and then rides his bike home in the afternoon so Carter can drive home after soccer practice.  Thank you Scott Smallie for being the best dad a kid could ask for.  
Love that on the first day of school he turned down a ride from a buddy because he knew I wouldn't be up yet and I would want to take a picture before he left!  Made my day :)

So, let's 16 years old, Carter would best be described as hilarious, a complete air-head (he does not get all), very personable, a terrific big brother and manny, vain, personal hygiene freak, night-owl, and an all round fun guy.  Yes, he makes poor decisions (have I mentioned that already??), but he really is a great kid.  I have a hard time wrapping my brain around the fact that he is a junior in high school and this time next year I'll be worrying about senior pictures and college stuff.  Yikes!!  Wasn't I just picking him up from kindergarten and listening to him tell me how much he hates school and how he wanted to kick his teacher in the face?! (true story by the way)  He's made my life very interesting and has kept me on my toes since before he could walk.  I'm proud of the young man he's become and I'm looking forward to all of the future adventures he takes us on.  Good and bad.  In the words of Scott Smallie, "Listen Deb, we just have to hold on tight and claw our way through his teenage years by his side.  We have to stay vigilant and pray that he makes the right decisions when we're not with him" Etc. Etc.  Yes, raising Carter requires frequent team huddles and strategy discussions...good thing my teammate has 100x more patience than I do! (otherwise I may be writing this during free time I earned in prison)

 Here's to a fantastic sixteenth year and twelve months of blessings and good fortune!  Happy Birthday Carter....we love you very much!!! 

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