Friday, May 3, 2013


I'm waaaaay far behind on the blog updates, I know.  So, I'll let the following pictures answer the question "Whatcha been up to lately?"

Record breaking rainfall and storms had us seeking shelter in our basement.  Brady hates storms but refuses to stop watching the radar!

"See that red Brady?  That means we're going to die".  Cate is so helpful...not.   And she couldn't  care less about storms.  She was hoping the power would go out so she could use the flashlight!

Why yes, Carter is sitting on his bed naked.  He was just getting out of the shower when the sirens went off and we invaded his room in the basement.  He refused to get dressed because he thought someone would peek so he just sat there in a towel for almost an hour.  Awkward!

We sat through cold soccer games

And when it warmed up we played with our friends

Just the three of us shared a victory meal after a game

12 strong to cheer Brady on!  Blessed that my kids "feel the love" all the time :)

Tournament Champions!

Some days were like this!

What else are you gonna do if it rains all day everyday?!

Murphy tagged along to Cate's game

Last game!  Bluebirds were undefeated!!

Delaney, Cate, and Harper at the park to see Jon off to prom

Jon and his girls!

At another baseball game.  Go Carter!

NFN auction.  BauBau bought her Scottie this chair :)

 Nurses For Newborns honored me with a personalized necklace for my years of volunteering

I am in the process of painting dining room chairs and Cate painted the birdbath all by herself! 

Ben still needs his afternoon nap!!

We celebrated Ben turning 11!

Partied it up at home

And probably broke some max. capacity fire code

Same age.  Not the same height.

Rainy baseball double-header.  Let her chill in the car in between games and she conked out.  I guess that's one way to get out of sitting through another wet game!

Back in the car. Waiting for Brady to finish soccer. We spend a lot of time in the car...which is why it looks like we could live (and eat) in there for days

Final stretch of school homework!! I love that he always pushes his hat up like my Grandpa Joe used to :)

Poor mans chiropractic care

Trevor has learned to crawl

And pull up

Grandpa Joe's have been learning to pull up on this chair for 38 years!!!

Sorry Baby.  Aunt D doesn't share her special sauce with anyone!

Filthy from fun with friends at yet another baseball game.

City-wide 5th grade sports day!  Scott took off to cheer him on while I was with Brady on his field trip

Maddox and Brady at Kirkwood park
Just a small recap of our spring madness.  This is the first week that I've ever really felt like "I've got my hands full".  Silver lining...two more weeks of school and then Scott's home for the summer!!!  BUT, this is our weekend schedule for the next 8 weeks starting this weekend....1-baseball tournaments (local) 2-Southaven, Mississippi (baseball- have to take kids by myself because Scott has his own games here.) 3-Ozarks (relaxation!  That deck is calling my name!) .  4-Memphis (baseball) 5-baseball tournaments (local) 6- Chicago (Carter's leadership conference) 7-soccer tournament (local) 8- Chicago (baseball).  Here's hoping my van is up for the challenge!!!!
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