Friday, April 26, 2013

Kite Day

Today was the annual Kite Day at Cate's preschool.  I was so nervous to take her by myself...seriously!! I did not think I was capable of assembling and flying a kite and knew Cate would be disappointed if I screwed it up.  Absolutely ridiculous considering I've taken the kids out of town by myself, Brady to the hospital for stitches by myself, multiple children to the zoo by myself, but this kite day almost made me fake illness to get out of it!  It's a half school day in GC, so Scott wasn't able to take off, but, thankfully, last minute his lunch schedule was moved around and he was able to meet us at school to help with the assembling and flying.  I'm such a wimp!!  He totally saved the usual :)
Fourth year assembling kites...he's definitely a pro

Cate knew exactly what she was going to draw...a rainbow, heart, tree, flower, sun, birds, and a pink kite!

She and her daddy had that kite flying high!!! 
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