Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring Break 2013~Part 1

Our 10 day spring break started off with 13 inches of snow.  Yes, it was 81 degrees over spring break last year.  Although it was beautiful, it was not exactly the weather I was hoping for.  Our plans of spending lots of time doing yard work, cleaning out the garage, and endless hours at the park and zoo were officially crapped on so we had to readjust.  All baseball games were cancelled and other than high school morning practice, our schedules were cleared.  Score!
The kids had a lot of fun in the snow and we ended up having lots of kids spend the night all week.  Muddy clothes and floors have been washed and rewashed more times than I care to remember.

Tuesdays with Trevor was extra fun this week because all of the kids were home.  They love spending time with T-Rev!
Sweet baby slept with his little paw on Cate :)  note: she wore that tank top EVERY day and under her Easter dress. 

Brady played hard all week.  He actually took a nap one day.  It was an Easter Miracle

Of course we had to make a trip to Johnny Mac's.  Bennett needed a new bat.  But his size was not in stock so Brady got a new bat.  Somehow Brady always walks away a winner.  ALWAYS. 
When Cate walks in the door at JM, she heads straight back to the bench and hangs out til the boys are finally ready to go.  She may have her name engraved on that bench one day...she spends a lot of time there!

Texas Roadhouse even made a snowman complete with a sweet potato nose!

Since outdoor activities were a no-go for most of the week, we decided to take the kids to Skyzone to jump out some energy.  They loved it!!  As soon as we got there, in walked Tyler and Rhett...Bennett was thrilled to see his BFF!

 Indoor trampoline park = lots of fun.  Shout out to Scott for hanging with Cate for an hour.  After that, she was on her own :)

Cate was fearless and perfected her front flip into the foam pit.  She claims she's joining the dive team this summer.
Her form may need a little work!
90 minutes was clearly not enough jumping fun for Cate

We were able to order Ben's bat and I got to make a second trip to JM to pick it up.  He was thrilled!!  Huge thanks to Grammy and Papa for the early birthday gift and always keeping him equipped with the best baseball stuff!! 
Teddy Bears are for losers. 

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