Thursday, October 11, 2012

Homecoming 2012

Saturday night was Carter's Homecoming Dance.  Events like that make me happy that I have three boys and only one girl.  He went with a group of friends and thankfully the girls made all of the plans.  They met at the park for pictures, took a limo to dinner and then the dance.  He actually had a soccer game at 12:30 which started an hour late (I hate that the coaches schedule non-conference games on Homecoming...ridiculous!) so we barely made it to the park in time for pictures.  I wasn't super thrilled with Carter's attire choice this was kind of plain but he wore it well :)  Next year I'm choosing!

Carter and Stevie (Cate looovvvesss Stevie)
Carter and Abbie...BFF's since preschool!!!

Cate could not wait to get to the park and see all of the dresses! 

Trevor made an appearance at the park!

Stevie, Vic, Carter, and teammates

Cousin Jon was looking fine!!

Carter, Stevie, Greylin, and Braydan

Scott is seriously out of control. 

I snuck in for a picture :)

And then I stole a few from Facebook!

Oh, these two

Student Council parents are asked to work at the dance each year.  Last year I worked the drink table and this year I was promoted to coat check.  Goodbye messy, sticky soda pouring~~hello checking bags full of smelly shoes.  My "co-workers" were awesome though and we totally rocked it.  I would say that Homecoming 2012 was a huge success!

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