Monday, October 8, 2012


Brady asked for an iPod touch for his birthday.  We were hoping that if he had earbuds in and listening to music, he would talk less.  We were wrong.  But he was super excited and loves it.  Of course things with Brady are never easy, and when I heard him "singing" a song that was basically one long cuss word I realized he synced his music library to Carter's.  Let's just say that a 15 and 8 year old should NOT have the same playlist.  Once we got that figured out, he downloaded a texting app. complete with his own phone number.  Just what I need, another way for Brady to communicate.  That night, he and Scott got had a little disagreement and these were the texts that Scott had on his phone when he woke up...

  • idiot
  • you are crabby
  • why are you so mean
  • stop yelling at your kids
  • goodnight dad i love you 

Bahahahahaha!  He's a mess.  He ended up getting lots of iTunes cards at his party and he's been busy searching for new games and music. 
This was from MauMau :)

One more birthday post (from his party) and we are finally finished celebrating Brady's 8th birthday!

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