Saturday, October 20, 2012


The Old Six Mile Garden is winding down for the season and last week Bennett's class walked over to watch a demonstration on the making of sorghum syrup.  Yeah, I had never heard of it either.  They have rows of sorghum planted at the museum and the sorghum people brought their machines (?) and showed the kids how they make it into a syrup and everyone got a taste.  They were all in agreement...YUCK!  My parents and sister also made apple butter that day...using the same kettle they've been using since I was a little girl....ahhhh the memories of making apple butter at our church and the pumpkin farm :) Traditions are the best!!

Rhett and Bennett

All day stirring is required...lots of laps around the kettle!

Cate was in school so Hadley and I dropped by to take pictures.  She decided it was the perfect time to practice her gymnastics.  She and Cate watch the Olympics on dvr all the time.  This is their signature move although I don't remember ever seeing the Fab Five doing this  :)

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