Friday, July 20, 2012

Swim Party (2 of 3)

Tonight we celebrated Bennett's friend Kaden's 10th birthday at the Woodriver Aquatic Center.  This is the second time we've partied there this summer, and will do it all again for Keaton's birthday Sunday night!  The kids love the high dive and waterslides and it's a nice change from our everyday Paddlers :)

Keaton and Bennett...goofy as ever! 10 year olds are such dorks

Tyler (Hollywood) and Brady

Bennett off the high dive.  Weird that it was so much higher when I was younger :)

Cate and her bff Katherine. 

Cate and Kerrigan.  Only way we could get Cate out of the water was to lure her with cake!


Katherine, Lauren, Cate, and Kerrigan
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