Friday, July 20, 2012

Grizzlies Game

The Grizzlies (semi-pro baseball team) coach used to coach Brady's baseball coach in college (Scott too!) and our team was invited to hang out on the field before a game, meet the players, and tour the clubhouse.  It was a VERY warm evening, but the boys had a great time hanging out together and the playground provided hours of entertainment for Cate and the rest of the team siblings.   Grammy, Fran, Mike, and Bau Bau joined us...we all try and go to at least one Grizzlies game each year.  I love the laid back atmosphere and lack of crowds!
8u Team Illini

Does he have to purposely photo bomb every picture??!  Poor Brady is so patient with his dad :)

Heading to the locker room for a tour

Inflatables make me want to barf.  Look how clean this one is...not!!

I see London, I see France.....

Aunt Frannie and Catie Bug

The very best of friends!

Braden, Brady, and Gannon

Another fun night at GCS Stadium!
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