Friday, July 6, 2012

Science Center

FYI, it's hot in the 108 degrees hot.  The pool water is seriously warmer than my shower water. Indoor activities are a must.  Did you know the Science Center IMAX movies are just five bucks if it's over 98 degrees?  Score! We watched "To The Arctic"~it was about a family of polar bears and global warming.  The kids loved it.  Scott and I were worried the entire time that the sweet bears the kids were enthralled with were eventually going to get eaten by a male polar bear or starve to death.  SPOILER ALERT: neither happens :) *sigh of relief*
These puzzles kept them busy for a long time. They were pretending they were challenges on Survivor

Mesmerized by the half/body mirror thing. 

Doesn't take much to entertain these dorks

Speed radars for the cars on the highway below.  Ben said "No matter what this radar says, we know they're going at least 10 mph faster than dad"  HAHAHAHAHAHA!

She loved watching the cars zoom by below

T-E-A-M-W-O-R-K....building an arch


It's time to leave when Carter starts napping on displays
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