Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day

We had a fabulous Labor Day Weekend...very few things on the calendar and plenty of down time. Friday night we went to the highschool football game where we watched the Warriors win 30-0...amazing (for real)...2 and 0 baby! We spent most of Saturday at the pool. The water was cool and it was the perfect day to soak up the rays. I can't remember a single thing we did on Sunday...maybe grocery shopping? On Monday, we attended the annual Labor Day Parade...the kids love parades :)

Cate is proud of her new shoes....I think they're the cutest things ever :) Scott will chance getting run over by a firetruck for candy!
After the parade, we went to Bau Bau's for lunch. Thankfully we packed the kids swimsuits because even though it was only 73 degrees they decided to swim. The pool water was still in the 80's so it was actually really nice. Cate spent her time diving in and swimming to Carter. She's getting really good at swimming far...she can take 2-3 breaths with her strokes.
Uncle Josh played fetch frisbee with Carter

At 4:00, Carter had a highschool soccer game. On Labor Day...can you believe that?! The good thing about the holiday game was that our entire family was able to go. His team won 4-0 and he had a beautiful assist.

This is not an optical illusion....Carter really is this much smaller than most of his teammates and opponents!
Scott and Uncle Josh watching a Warrior victory!

I love three day weekends :)

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