Sunday, September 4, 2011

Carter For President?

Um, most likely NO. However, he was elected to his highschool Student Council this week. WOO to the HOO! I'm incredibly proud of him for even's intimidating throwing yourself out there like that the first week of highschool! But YAY he won :)
Friday was the highschools welcome back rally. Each year they put on a kick-ass school spirit rally...I'm going to try and upload a few videos of some of the highlights. Each class is a different color and this year the overall theme was fruit. Freshman are green...pears....pear up get a buddy. Sophomores are blue...blueberries....berry glad to not be freshman (or something like that). Juniors are ya glad we're upperclassman (I think). Seniors are yellow....bananas...time to split. Teachers were apples...not a bad apple in the bunch ;) Everyone goes all out dressing in their colors...flags, jewelry, socks, tutu' fun fun!!!

Each year they choose 8 kids from each grade to perform in a rally relay race. The obstacles are taken from "Minute to Win-It". Carter was excited to find out he was one of the students chosen to represent the freshman. The video I have of his race is blurry, but I'm trying to get my hands on a different one..when I do, I'll post it. His first obstacle was to throw ping pong balls into cups. He had zero problems with this....future beer pong champ? yeah, probably. Then he ran to the next station and had to unroll a roll of toilet paper as fast as he could. Next, he had to put pantyhose over his head...they had an orange in the foot...and he had to swing it around and knock cans over. The final station was balloon popping..this was his hardest challenge. He was too little to pop the balloon when he sat on it :) He gave it a good jump and destroyed it on his second try. Overall, I'm told, he rocked his portion and had an awesome time doing it.
I'm so glad Carter is taking advantage of all of the fun things to do in highschool. Yes, we're going to struggle with his grades, but damn he's going to have a great time and create a ton of forever memories :)
Freshman Student Council! So happy Alina, Abbie, and Rachel made it...I know they'll keep him focused and in line (and me on speed dial to let me know what's going on!)

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