Friday, November 20, 2009


I hate to paint. However, the walls of our home need it. I am so tired of looking at finger prints and shoe marks...and Brady's mural that he one day (three years ago) painted for us....from his bedroom, through the hallway, and all over the dining room. It's time. For the last three months (no kidding) I have been searching magazines and blogs for color inspiration. I have bought no less than eight sample size paint cans and have painted swatches on every wall in our house. I finally decided I want all of the painting finished by Thanksgiving..which is six days away. I bought the paint on Thursday, hated it, had it tweaked and started on the hallway today. The color is one shade lighter than what is currently on my shit. A zillion paint samples and I end up with almost the same color. Guess I really like it :) So, I started in the hallway. It was very tricky to paint with three kids home and no Scott...however, I prevailed and my hallway/five doors/trim are all perfectly painted and CLEAN. Only one mishap...Cate threw up curdled milk all over one freshly painted wall and I had to re-do it. Not a dull moment in this house! Here's my final farewell to Brady's "artwork"....this picture was taken after I primed the markings...three times.

I think this is the reason Cate threw up all over....she snacked on some pretzels and cream cheese...eating half the tub and only one pretzel!

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