Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Most Ill-Behaved Animal at the St. Louis Zoo

Cate Smallie
This Sunday, we woke up to sunshine. Shocking, considering it rained the entire month of October. Barney, the purple dinosaur, was singing about the zoo, and it inspired Scott to declare it a "zoo-day", off we went. We traded Carter for Hunter and the boys were very excited to be taking a friend. Cate, however, was in rare form. She didn't want to walk, or be held, or ride in the stroller. Pushed her way to the front of every exhibit, mowing down the young, old, and handicap..whatever was in her way. She screeched, screamed, yelled...pounded on every glass display case, tried to grab a penguin when it splashed her, and I still cringe when I think about her "gently petting" the guinea pigs in the Children's Zoo. I think it was in front of the sea lion pool when Scott stopped dead in his tracks and declared he was finished with her. His exact words were, "that's it, I'm done. I will raise the three boys, you can have Cate. I'm way out of my league with her". I guess everyone has a breaking point!!This is when she stopped in the middle of the bridge and refused to move until she finished an entire bottle of water....therefore, not having to share with her brothers

Stubborn? Um, yes.

Throw it back, sister. Of course, she finished the entire bottle.

Even with Cate acting like a possessed child, the boys still had a great time!

This is one of the fish she assaulted through the glass...

Looks pretty sweet, eh?'s all an act

Brady was amazed with the size of this leaf!

Kissing a frog

Pretending to sleep so she didn't have to leave the Children's Zoo

Terrible two' we come

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Adriane said...

HAHA! She is going to be such an entertaining teenager. :-)