Monday, November 9, 2009

Lovin' This Weather!

We have been blessed with amazing weather this past week. Mother Nature totally redeemed herself after last months rain. On Saturday, we played outside from sun up til sun down...literally. We are off to Memphis on Friday for soccer and I'm hoping the weather continues to cooperate.

Cate loves being chauffeured around in Brady's tractor
Not your typical hockey goalie cleats and baseball catchers equipment. NOTICE OUR SUPER CLEAN GARAGE! Yay-a successful weekend project! You could eat off the floor- it's so clean :) And, one vehicle fits in there. Not too bad considering we have six bikes, one jogging stroller, a wagon, 4-wheeler, pitching get the picture. 4 kids=lots of stuff.

Brady loves to talk. So much that when he has nothing left to say, he has started counting out loud to 100. He often reaches 500+ a night. To channel this energy elsewhere, we've encouraged him to work on his letters, reading, and writing. Now, he's rarely without a notebook and pen...always making notes and copying words he sees then reading them off to everyone. He's so ready for kindergarten :)

He carries this framed poster around everywhere...writing and re-writing the alphabet a zillion times a day

This weekend also brought Cate's first ear infection of the season. Poor baby curled up to her daddy on the couch :( I took her to Express Care last night to confirm my suspicions and get her started on antibiotics. Brady went along with me and learned to tie his shoes while we were's that for a multi-tasking mom?!

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