Friday, September 18, 2009

Miz Cate

Cate had her 18 month Dr. appt yesterday. She was supposed to get a shot, but I wasn't in the mood, so I postponed it til next time. It just needs to be done before kindergarten and I'm not in any hurry. Cate weighed in at a whopping 23.1 pounds...2 pounds more than her last appt three months ago.

Dr. W thinks she is ready to start potty training. For the last 8+ weeks, she has stayed dry overnight and now when she is wet, she runs to her room, grabs a diaper, brings it to me, and lays down to be changed. When we were in Old Na.vy last week, she took the changing pad out of her bag and laid down in the middle of the store...apparently she doesn't like sitting in her own urine..go figure. So, we bought a potty chair and we're going to gradually "train" her. The boys are making a huge deal over it...I figure that's either going to make or break the deal...guess we'll see.

When I went to get Cate dressed in the Dr's office, I couldn't find her clothes..anywhere. I looked for a bit, then opened the door and asked Dr. W if he could help me look. We were literally on our hands and knees searching this tiny room for Cate's shirt and pants...finally he found them in the very bottom of the trash can. She is too much for me!!

Today, I was looking through her closet when she pulled her dresser on top of her. It was the worst 3 seconds of my life. Adriane can attest to my fear...we were talking on the phone when I screamed and hung up! Luckily, even a dresser can't beat Cate Smallie and she walked away with only a slight black eye (perfect for our family pictures tomorrow).

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Adriane said...

So funny! Glad she is OK. Can't believe you are brave enough to try potty training. It sounds like she's really ready! I am so jealous!!