Saturday, September 5, 2009

Brady's Daily Recap

Parenthood is exhausting. No doubt. And some children make it even more exhausting. I have one of those kids. His name is Brady. This kid can wear me out. I must have put his shoes on him eight times least. Boots, soccer shoes, running shoes, baseball shoes...shoe changes all day long. And he loves to talk...Lord does this child love to talk.

Each day when I pick him up from school, I ask him to tell me about his day. Seems simple enough. For most kids. My mind is often reeling after his lengthy, detailed account of his school day... I'm surprised we even make it home. Let me explain.

Brady's classroom consists of 1st and 2nd year preschool kids...this year, he is the "big man on campus". Woo Hoo. He has two friends that he refers to in almost every conversation involving school. Drake and Blake (they rhyme). Drake's full name is Drake Parker. For those of you who aren't familiar with Nickelodeon, Drake Parker is a character on the hit show "Drake and Josh". Brady insists on pointing out (every friggin' time) that "his" Drake Parker is not "the" Drake Parker. He also insists on pointing out that his friends names rhyme. Drake and Blake. Another issue with "car conversations" with Brady is that he loves to play the games"yellow car" and "slug-bug". He and his brothers (and often dad) keep score of who spots the most yellow cars and slug-bugs (Volkswagen Beetles). So, throw all of this together and we end up with one very long, random,, story... about his mere 2.5 hours at school. I'll give you an example of what I deal with on a daily basis....

Me: "How was school today?"

Brady: "Good"

Me: "What did you have for snack?"

Brady: "Pretzel sticks with cream cheese" (his very favorite~his teachers spoil him)

Me: "What was your favorite part of the day?" (I usually cringe when I ask this because I know what's coming)

Brady: (deep breath, it's gonna be a long one) "Well, first, me and Drake Parker, not the real one, played with the magnetic blocks, slug-bug, then Drake and Blake, that rhymes, sat next to each other during story time, yellow car, 1-0 me. Me and Drake Parker, not the real one, yellow car, 2-0 me, chased the girls during recess, slug-bug, and then me and Drake and Blake, that rhymes, dug for bugs in the outdoor garden. Drake and Blake, that rhymes, yellow car 3-0 me, used sticks to move the bugs into a bag, slug-bug. Drake Parker, not the real one, found the most, slug-bug. Me, and Drake and Blake, that rhymes, used a magnifying glass, slug-bug, to inspect the bugs. When we went inside, I sat with Drake and Blake, that rhymes, yellow car 4-0 me, during snack time. We had pretzels and cream cheese. Drake Parker, not the real one, slug-bug, doesn't like cream cheese, so he just ate pretzels. A police dog came to school and did tricks. Me and Drake and Blake, that rhymes, yellow car 5-0 me, sat up front so we could see the best. The dog, Jack, slug-bug, helps police officers find bad guys. Drake Parker, not the real one, hid a ball in the sandbox, slug-bug, and Jack the dog found it."

Me: "Um, we're home (holla-friggin-lou-ya). Don't forget your backpack"

Exhausting, I know. I honestly don't think Brady takes a single breath during his daily recap and he never skips a beat going back and forth from storytelling to game playing! He is a riot!

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