Monday, September 7, 2009

A LABORsome Weekend

Last weekend of hoo. Busy, busy, busy. Carter was scheduled to be in a soccer tournament this weekend in St. Charles, but it was canceled due to rain. Yay! However, we found plenty to do to keep us busy and the weekend passed way too fast. Here's a rundown and plenty of pictures :)
Friday Night Football!
Highschool football game. We always sit with the teachers/coaches near the end zone and our kids love to play on the high jump mat and in the batting cages. (my camera stinks at taking pictures at night...ok, it's probably my fault, but whatev)

Bennett loves hanging out with his friends at the game.

Cate bouncing on the mat like it was her trampoline

Renovations were made....
Scott gutted the master bathroom....(stay tuned for future post on this project)

Cate took her baby for lots of walks in her backpack

The boys were invited to a dodgeball birthday party on Sunday. They had a blast!!

When Cate started to get tired, she grabbed her changing mat out of the diaper bag and took a catnap...she was so good the entire party. If you notice in the picture, Brady is hunkered against the wall with the other kids while the adults threw dodgeballs at them. The men were very competitive and our kids didn't stand a chance!!! Luckily, the balls were very soft!

Monday morning, we watched the Labor Day parade with cousin Reece

You can tell who has the ultimate sweet tooth. Scott was screaming at a few of his students to throw him "the good candy"

Shoving his defenseless children out of the way...HA!

Brady and Cate running for the candy

Got her hands full....
But decided it was easier to just sit and eat popcorn!

Lots of good stuff in there!

After the parade, we headed to Aunt Fran and Uncle Mike's for lunch. YUM!

Labor Day = last day for Paddlers..sniff sniff. We spent four hours there this afternoon. The water was cold, but the kids had so much fun playing one last time. Hunter, Bennett, and Brady being goofy in the baby pool!

Bennett spent a lot of time on the slide. The lifeguards even let them go down head-first, which he found to be "so much fun"


His favorite "twister" jump

After Cate's 3 hour afternoon nap :), I picked her up and brought her back to hang out at the pool. I didn't put her suit on because the water was so cold, but she jumped in anyway. So, off with the dress and she played in her diaper. She loves the water!

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