Saturday, December 7, 2013


Thursday was Cate's class fieldtrip to the Magic House but she refused to go.  Each class is only allowed to bring four parent chaperons on the bus due to space so the other parents usually follow the bus and meet the classes there to help with crowd control.  For the last 11 years, I've been stuck on the bus, and this time I was more than happy to follow behind in my own car.  However, Cate didn't like that idea and told her teacher she would not be going.  And to be completely honest, I was perfectly fine with this.  School buses make me nauseous and I'd rather not send my kids on them...and I actually loathe fieldtrips.  The Magic House is my least favorite of them all.  Debbie Downer, I know.  Anyhoo, I was super excited to get an entire day to spend with Miz Cate!  

Turns out, a few hours of early morning sleet and possible afternoon snow canceled the fieldtrip but we were already on our way and there was no turning back :) 

Our first stop was the STL Galleria.  It's my favorite mall of all time.  I have so many fun memories at the Galleria.  I skipped school in 8th grade to attend it's Grand Opening....I will always remember spending an entire day there shopping for 1st day of highschool clothes with my Grandma Dorothy...and my favorite girls and I spent way too many hours there in highschool.  I think my car had a Galleria autopilot button that delivered us to the green level of the parking garage with very minimal effort by me.  It was awesome.
Last year Cate asked for a Clarice reindeer from Build-a-Bear but we put it off too long and by the time we made it there, they had sold out.  She forgets nothing and has reminded us of this for the last 11 months so Thursday was the perfect day to get the deer.  She walked through the Disney Store for at least 30 minutes and took pictures of things she "needs" for our January Disney trip.  She opted out of a visit with Santa but blew him a kiss as we made our way up the escalator :)  
Our next stop was American Girl.  One of her dolls hair was a rats nest so we took it to the salon.  So ridiculous, right?  Anyway, they combed it out, braided it, and pierced her ears which Cate thought was the coolest thing.  We looked around for awhile and took more pictures for her Christmas list and then headed to Chick-fil-A for lunch.  Once we finished lunch, the sleet started back up so we decided it was time to make our way home.  I'm so thankful for a full day of fun with my Catie was a much needed Girls Only day!
And the lucky girl ended up with a four day weekend due to sleet and snow canceling school on Friday!!
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