Sunday, December 22, 2013


Cate's friend (and classmate) Ella invited our family to their big Christmas party last night.  This is an encore to the Halloween bonfire/party and Cate has really been looking forward to it.  The boys had other plans so it was just me and Scott with Cate...nice! There were a zillion people at the 60+ and we only knew 3 :)  After a catered meal, Santa stopped by and had gifts for all of the kids.  Each kiddo got to spend lots of time with Santa and he was very patient with all of their questions.  Cate asked him how he steered the sleigh if it didn't have a steering wheel and a little boy asked him how he felt about his face being printed on wrapping paper!!!  Too funny :^)

Two cuties ready for Santa!

The anticipation was almost too much!

It was a really great night and something Cate will talk about for a very long time.  She is more excited than ever for all of the holiday celebrations to begin!

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