Saturday, February 13, 2010

"The Vuh-Jay" Warning: Mature Audience Only

Last week I received an email from Carter's science teacher with this as the subject: Carter--funny! He is not in trouble so take a deep breath & get ready to laugh! I find it amusing that she felt the need to add that he is not in trouble...obviously, not the norm with him :) Anyway, she started the email like this: Just wanted to let you know that I have found a topic that interests Carter--reproduction! She went on to say that he is taking this chapter "very seriously" and she thinks he finally loves science. Wonderful. We couldn't be more proud. Nothing like sex-ed to bring out the genius in Carter.

When Scott and I asked him about it that evening, he told us he had to give a PowerPoint presentation on reproductive organs. Holy hell, I'm so not ready for this. He was talking a mile a minute..couldn't get the words out fast enough. It went something like this.... "I had to find diagrams of the female body and did you know women have hair 'down there'?? So ridiculous. (laughing hysterically the entire time) It's called a vuh-jay (he couldn't bring himself to say "vagina") And then I had to find pictures of a naked dude...and they have hair down there too" To which Sarcastic Scott answered "Yes Carter, you're going to get hair on your balls." Carter's jaw dropped and he actually seemed thrilled.

Kill. Me. Now.

He went on to describe other details of the project and how his class will soon be involved in "Game Plan" which is an abstinence program. I've never seen him more excited about school.

One more year til he's in highschool. Guess it's time for me to start mentally preparing myself for his teenage's gonna be a rough ride!!