Saturday, March 7, 2009

X-Rays, Bloodwork, and Shots..OH MY!

It goes without saying, that with four kids, we are bound to spend a lot of time (and money) at the doctor's office, emergency rooms, and pharmacies. So far, we've racked up a pretty impressive list of issues....three sets of stitches, three dislocated elbows, three cases of mono, two broken fingers, four sets of ear tubes, six cases of strep, and countless ear infections, black eyes, and bruises. Our pediatrician's staff knows us by name and most even recognize us if they see us at the store, restaurants, etc. I cringe every time I see our Dr. arrive at his office in his spiffy car, knowing I helped pay for the damn thing.

2009 has been a little rough so far. On January 2, Cate had ear tubes put in...again. Followed that up with two more ear infections. Late January, I took Brady to Ander.son Express to evaluate his cough, but it turned out to be strep. Bennett was tested the next day and tested positive as well. Cate had to have her 1yr Dr. appt postponed twice due to being sick...they won't vaccinate if she's sick. Finally, three weeks after her first birthday, they were able to give her all four shots..she just loved this. After talking with the doctor about her back to back to back infections and weight loss, he thought it would be a good idea to run tests through blood work...yuck. Scott and I took her to Q.uest to get her blood drawn..double yuck. She had to get four tubes of blood drawn and she was not too happy about it...but I think Scott was more traumatized than anyone. Next up.... Brady was still suffering from the same cough since January 21, so his Dr. ordered chest x-rays. Another first for us. I took him to the hospital to have the "pictures" taken. As we were walking through the hospital, he asked me who was behind every patient door and why they were in the hospital. After hearing my answer "I don't know" for the hundredth time, he said "When I get big, I'm going to be a doctor so I know what's going on behind those doors!!!"....I was relieved because just the day before he told me when he gets bigger he wants to be a "passier." Say what?? "You know mom, someone that passes out stickers at basketball and football games" Scott and I agreed, a doctor seems like the better (more lucrative) profession. After three days, Dr. W called to say that Cate's blood work came back negative, except for slightly abnormal numbers for her mono test. I can live with mono. Brady's x-rays came back negative as well and they prescribed him a strong antibiotic and a cough syrup to use as needed. Both, Cate and Brady are feeling much better and we're all looking forward to warmer weather. Oh, and I can't forget Bennett's injury. Ben never gets hurt and rarely gets sick. I assume it's because he is a loner and would rather lock himself in the basement with his video games than hangout with Carter and Brady. Anyway, last weekend, he was in the midst of a tantrum (shocking, I know) when he slammed his finger in the front door. Ouch! His overly dramatic display of agony was very impressive...oscar worthy perhaps...and made me very thankful that this has been his worst injury to date. After the tears subsided (two hours at least) he declared that he most definitely would not be better for school on Monday and he was doubtful he would be ready by the start of baseball season (May 2). By that night, he would only complain about the pain when the finger happened to catch his attention and he remembered that he was hurt :-)

Even with as much time as we spend in the Dr's office, Scott and I are both very aware of how lucky we are that all of our medical issues have been minor compared to what some parents go through and we're thankful for our (mostly) healthy kids.

Of course, being the obsessive picture taker that I am, I always have my camera with me, and never miss a chance to take pictures of the injuries and procedures.

Brady's first set of stitches (ran into the wall in the basement*FYI, I was not home at the time)...Scott holding numbing medicine on the cut before they stitched it. Brady did great and watched the doc stitch him up!

Showing off his war wound to his brothers and neighbor kids....everyone was very impressed!

Brady's second set of stitches (hit the edge of Cate's dresser*again, I was not home)...this time they put the numbing medicine on while we were in the waiting room (for six hours) notice the scar from his first set of stitches

Carter in the E.R. with broken fingers. First day of middle school. He was trying to balance himself between two desks and one gave way and crushed his fingers when he fell. X-ray confirms both fingers are broken. They put them in splints and he was back on the soccer field by the weekend.

Cate before her surgery. January 2, 2009. She looked so little in that hospital gown :(

Brady at An.derson Care waiting for his strep test...he's always smilin'..even when he feels terrible!

Cate showing off her band-aid after getting blood drawn.

Brady getting one of two chest x-rays taken

And lastly, Bennett's finger. We're very happy it wasn't his middle finger!!

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