Friday, March 6, 2009

The Witching Hours

With the changing of seasons comes the changing of what we like to call "the witching hours". During the cold, depressing months, T.W.H. (as Scott often refers to them as) occur between 6pm-8pm. Dinners over, not quite are pretty much out of control and by 9:00, Scott and I are exhausted. However, once the weather changes, so do T.W.H.. Currently, it's more like 3pm til whenever Scott gets home from softball practice. Approx. 5:30ish. This is the time that I'm home alone with not just our four kids, but at least three that aren't mine. For some reason, our house is the party house for the neighborhood kids. I used to think that was a great idea because I would be able to see what's going on, but I no longer feel that way. Our fridge is raided and the trash left all over the yard/garage....dogs are going usually rings's chaos at it's finest. In and out of the house, doors slamming, and if Cate's trying to sleep, well...that's just not possible. This week we've seen some pretty nice weather. It was a complete shock to my system. Thursday after school was ugly. When Adriane came to pick up the twins at 4:30, she actually looked scared. There were what seemed like a ton of kids over...they were running all over the front yard, screaming and carrying on like they had spent the last four months locked up in pens (which isn't that bad of an idea..something to think about for next winter). Sorry Adie...but your time is coming!!!

Carter, Clatyon, Bennett, Maris, Cate, and "usual crowd"

Today, I thought I'd be more prepared .... but Cate, Brady, and I played outside all morning and early afternoon, so by the time the crowd arrived, I was tired and a bit overwhelmed to say the least. Finally, I ordered everyone to the backyard, grabbed a cushion and chair, a cold pepsi, my camera and actually tried to enjoy the madness. Here are some pictures from the last few days....

Cate loves riding with Brady..he's such a great big brother!

She follows him around wherever he goes....(notice his work gloves..he rarely takes them off)

Bennett decided one day last spring that he was going to ride his bike without training wheels. Scott took them off and away he went. He refuses to try anything new until he knows for sure he can do it and this was no exception!

Cate's favorite way to travel

Carter's a climber..freaks me out..he has no fear and actually swings between branches.

Cate loves to swing. We've put a lot of miles on this poor's been through three kids.

And jump on the trampoline........ (I love this picture!)

Cate's newest thing is to stick her arm out, lean her head against her shoulder, and say "eh" (very pitiful). This immediately sends one of her brothers running to her side to get her whatever she wants (they're ruining her).

but it works...

Well, I guess I figured out how to upload star for me. It's almost 10:30 and way past my bedtime. I will end with one more picture...very appropriate for such a long day!

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Adriane said...

I absolutely WAS scared that day when I picked up the girls and the entire neighborhood was in your front yard. CHAOS.

Love the pic of Brady helping Cate. So adorable.