Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Round 3

In March, I started babysitting of the sweetest babies in the entire world.  No, really, he totally is.  If you're counting, this makes round 3 of babysitting for me.  My rookie years were with Gabby and Gracie followed by Hadley and now baby Parker.  Who would have ever thought that four kids of my own wouldn't be enough?!

Let's take a pictorial trip to reminisce about my babysitting years, shall we?!

First there were the Cook longtime friend Adriane's girls.  Gabby and Grace are just four months younger than Cate so it was pretty much like having triplets. The girls always had so much fun together!!!!
Best Friends Forever!

And now...
How did this happen so fast?  Adie, our babies are all grown up :(

Next up...Hadley!  This girl is one smart cookie and no doubt she will be able to take care of herself!! Loved having her around :)


And now....
this look says it all!

And Parker! His Mama, Marci, is a teacher at Cate and Brady's preschool and baby Parker loves hanging out with me everyday  :)  He is the sweetest baby ever!

the after 2:35 baby hog

and I can't forget about my great-nephew... Tuesdays with Trevor! 

he loves to entertain Parker
wear him out and he is the best napper!

Always a fun time around here!

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