Sunday, March 24, 2013

Disney on Ice

Disney on Ice 'Rockin' Ever After' is in town this week and Cate has been talking about it for months.  As with all things Disney, they really put on a great show and all of Cate's current favorite princesses were in the storyline...Rapunzel, Ariel, Merida, and Belle.  I told Cate we could get tickets for any of the shows, but if we went Friday morning, Hadley could go with us.  BUT, she would have to miss her class Easter party.  It was a very hard decision for her, but after days of going back and forth, she decided she'd rather get to take Hadley with us.  So, Friday morning it was!  Aunt Kathy happened to be off work and decided to go with us, and bring Trevor.  FUN!! 

Our seats were located in the section right across from the parking garage which meant we had very little walking to do.  Makes a big difference when you have three kids in tow and no strollers :)
Our seats were dead center and just a few rows off the ice...perfect distance to keep the kids interested throughout the entire show.  After grabbing souvenirs for everyone, popcorn, and a pretzel, we sat down and didn't get back up til the show was over.  (Except when we lost Hadley)

Trevor loved all of the lights!

Hadley loved the show.  She clapped and laughed the entire two hours.  And we only lost her once (which is a lot less than I expected). During intermission, we stayed in our seats and were talking away when we noticed Hadley was no longer with us.  She is notorious for wandering off (her mom has some great stories) and Kathy found her running up the stairs.  Longest 30 seconds of my life.

Trevor making his move

He didn't stand a chance with the popcorn police!
Looking at me for help.  Sorry buddy!

Cate sang along to every song!  She is looking forward to the next show in the fall. 

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